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  • iWALK2.0 – A New Generation of Hands Free Mobility
In September 2013, iWALKFree changed the game once more and launched the next generation of hands free crutches – the iWALK2.0.
The iWALK2.0 was carefully engineered to be easier to learn, more comfortable and efficient at an even lower price. It includes a host of features including a lateral component on the foot so that this “peg leg” works under the same principles as an actual foot! Everything we’ve learned about hands free crutches (and we are the industry leader) has been incorporated into this break-through evolution.

This revolutionary new product was previewed to the medical community and won rave reviews. It swept the awards not once, but twice at North America’s largest medical device trade show. Orthopedics, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Prosthetists can all agree that the iWALK2.0 is a huge step forward (pun intended) in the world of lower leg rehabilitation.
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  • iWALK 2.0 Sizing
Will the iWALK2.0 fit me?  That’s a good question.  If you’re built like 95% of the human population, the answer is YES!  But wait..it’s not quite that easy.

What matters most is leg length.  But since most people don’t know their leg length, we use height as a starting point, because everyone knows their height.  And unless you are toward the shorter or taller end of the spectrum, height works fine. Which means, if you’re between 5’1” and 6’1” read no further, iWALK2.0 will fit you. For everyone else, check the chart below:
  • Measure both upper and lower leg as shown. If you fall within the ranges shown, iWALK2.0 will fit you, no matter what your height is.
  • iWALK 2.0 Capacity
1. Thigh Circumference Limit
The last sizing requirement is thigh circumference. Measure your thigh at the very top of the leg.
2. Weight Limit
If you weigh over 275 pounds (125 kg) or are significantly overweight, iWALK 2.0 is not a suitable option for you.
  • Potential Knee Comfort Issues
In rare instances the iWALK2.0 can cause localized soreness in the tibial tuberocity, which is the area of the shin directly below the knee.

For most people, the transition from the knee to the shin (tibia) is fairly straight, but some people have a pronounced bump.  In extreme cases, the size of this protrusion is more than the standard foam padding on the iWALK2.0 can support, which can result in a localized painful “hot spot”.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution – just augment the existing foam near the front of the crutch to accommodate the condition.  You can purchase a replacement pad from us and simply install it on top of the existing pad, or you can also try some other readily available remedies, such as a folded hand towel, inexpensive gardening knee pads found at home improvement stores, etc.   To gain a better understanding of the situation and the solution, see our diagrams below.

We could simply use a thicker pad to accommodate everyone, but we don’t – and here’s why.  The connection between the leg and the crutch is crucial for feel and control.  Basically, you want the iWALK crutch to be an integral part of your leg.  Having no padding would be the ideal, but it would be too uncomfortable.  So we intentionally use the minimum amount of padding to provide the best compromise between comfort and control.
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  • FAQ: Why do UPPER and LOWER leg lengths matter? ↓
Not all legs are created equal. Two people with equal overall leg length may have different upper and lower leg proportions (see diagram below). The iWALK2.0 crutch accommodates this by having both upper and lower leg length adjustments, but there are limits. To be certain that your leg proportions are within the limits of the adjustment range of the iWALK2.0, check the chart seen above. If you are, the iWALK2.0 will fit you.
  • Using iWALK 2.0 with a cast or boot
Normally you can use iWALK2.0 with a cast or boot without any problems. But in some situations with boots that are high on your shin, you can develop a painful “hot spot” at the upper edge of the boot or cast. We’re going to show you why this happens, and how to easily fix it.
  • Without a cast or boot, the front of your shin contacts the knee platform uniformly as shown by the dotted line above.
  • Some boots or casts cause the shin above the boot or cast to be elevated so it doesn’t contact the Knee Platform. This concentrates most of your weight to the upper edge of the boot, which can result in a sore, tender area. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.
  • Solution
Simply fill the unsupported gap with additional padding. You can use various foams, a folded hand towel or other means to build up this area.
Build it up a bit higher than you think you’ll need – the foam will compress to the correct height. Experiment with what works best for your particular boot or cast. A quick fix is to purchase a replacement Knee Platform Pad and cut it to the correct length. The peel and stick backing makes installation very quick and easy.
  • Although uncommon, sometimes it helps to add some extra padding at the back of the Knee Platform also.  Try different combinations until you find the one that you like best.
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 Product Description

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STOP SUFFERING from the pain and inconvenience of conventional crutches!

The iWALK2.0 lets you continue you daily routine with little to no interruption. Best of all, you can use your hands!

Think of all the things you can’t do when using conventional crutches; preparing a meal, walking your dog, carrying a cup of coffee, pushing a shopping cart.

Well, you no longer need to have your life interrupted - the iWALK2.0 sets you free to resume your day to day routine and enjoy pain free, functional mobility.

Stop sitting on the sidelines of your own life because a lower leg injury is impeding your mobility.The iWALK2.0 allows you continue your daily routine with

little to no interruption, all while safely letting your lower leg injury heal.

The iWALK2.0 is a crutch alternative for non-weight bearing lower leg injuries that frees the user from the limitations of conventional crutches. No more pain,

nerve damage, or using your arms to support your weight, because the iWALK2.0 enables the user to walk normally without using your upper body to provide support.

If you need to be non weight bearing for any length of time and do not want give up your traditional daily routine, the iWALK2.0 is for you!

  • Pain free, hands free moblity 
  • For all non-weight bearing lower leg injuries
  • Walking on the iWALK2.0 feels natural and easy 
  • Regain your independence 
  • Tool free, intuitive adjustments 
  • Take on or off in seconds 
  • Quickly converts for Left or Right leg use 
  • Fits heights from 4’10 to 6’6” 
  • Independent upper and lower leg adjustments 
  • Customizable straps 
  • Comfortable for long term use 
  • Keeps your injury partially elevated 
  • Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials 
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty 
  • The iWALK2.0 is a patented FDA and CE Registered Class 1 Medical Device. 
  • Comfortable hypoallergenic foam padding 
  • Clinically proven

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome product!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2017

    Easy to use, convenient, way better than crutches

  2. The IWalk 2.0 Gave Me Independence!

    Posted by Sharlene S Kalteis on 27th Jul 2017

    I highly recommend this walking crutch for anyone with a lower leg injury. I ruptured my achilles tendon, in a cast and was not allowed any weight bearing. The IWalk was a miracle! It gave me independence, mobility and best of all hands free. I could go out to stores, prepare meals, clean up etc. The supplier was also excellent - had the product to me the next day after ordering with no charge. Definitely well worth the investment!!

  3. Independence

    Posted by Marilyn Paterson on 8th Mar 2017

    I can't say enough about the iWALK2. I had a fusion to my upper arch and a bunionectomy, so no weight baring for 6-8 weeks. I am very particular on keeping my home clean and love to cook. My children are grown and there is just myself & husband at home. Without the iWALK2, I would not be able to maintain my household the way I normally would. I can vacuum, dust, do laundry make beds,cook and still leave the house when I needed to with ease.
    I also must say that I was very impressed with the service centre. I learned about this apparatus from my foot doctor the day after I had the surgery, so went home from hospital and ordered online the same day. I called Surgo the next day to see when it would arrive, and the representative was sooo good, and said that he would courier it out faster so I would receive it ASAP. To my surprise it arrived 2 days later! AND I did not have to pay extra. Very pleasant representatives, willing to go above & beyond.
    There are only 2 things that could possibly be improved. Because it is plastic, it squeaks quite loud when I walk, don't know if that can be improved. And the straps are hard to get tightened around my knee portion and sometimes pinch my skin. I do have a smaller foot, so that could be the problem. But overall a great product.

Showing reviews 1-3 of 7 | Next

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